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It’s a wonderful feeling when you find a blog that speaks directly to your heart. Where the author seems to know your secret struggles and deepest desires almost better than you do.

You get a sense of coming home, of belonging or being exactly where you need to be. It's a feeling I can't honestly say I get from many bloggers out there. But, there are few really real women bloggers I love like a sister!

Here are 5 of my favorite blogs from beautiful writers across the globe.


Crazy Sexy Wellness Revolution by Kris Carr

Kris Carr's take-charge approach to a healthy lifestyle inspires me, and many others, in a variety of ways. A decade after the diagnosis that changed her life forever, Kris is not only a cancer survivor but she has created a wellness revolution. Her books, blog and video series are among my most prized possessions. She is an out-of-the-box forward thinker who challenges me to rethink my life and wellness with each new blog post. I most admire how she has taken her own story to the marketplace yet maintained a very authentic and organic connection to her audience. Need a little crazy, sexy wellness in your life? Check out Kris.


In Spaces Between by Rachel MacDonald

This beautiful online space is a potent mix of deep-down soul searching and heart-fuelled insights. Whenever I read Rachel’s work, I feel uplifted. Supported. And, seriously inspired to keep chasing my dreams. In recent months, her blog series on blogging for business has been my bible for nailing my own new blog and bringing you my heart each Monday and Thursday here at Want to take a walk through another blogger's journey and learn how to perfect (and, perhaps monetize) your online work? Visit a while at In Spaces Between with Rach.


The Feisty House by Krystal Knight

You’ve been there too. It’s 3:30 p.m. and your girlfriend invites you to one of the hottest places in town for happy hour. Of course, you didn't dress for that today and won't have time to get home before drinks start. Here to help us transition from boardroom to bar is DC-based lifestyle blogger Krystal Knight. Krystal never fails to give me the best when it comes to striking the right balance between office chic and post-work glam. And, for us natural hair girls, she's a blessing in disguise. Need some help accessing a more stylish and beautiful life? Pop a bottle and get to reading a little bit of what Krystal has to say!


The Slender Student by Claire

I find it impossible to avoid any blog that provides me with healthy meals and short, impactful workouts that fit my already hectic schedule as a mom, wife and entrepreneur. I totally stumbled upon this remarkable blog about how to balance food and fitness in a realistic and attainable way.  The author is a college student who offers her readers a variety of healthy recipes and kick-ass workouts that she does in her 12 x 12 dorm room in Austin, Texas. Claire is her name and she inspires me to be more conscious of what goes through my trap! She's far more aware than I ever was as a student which makes me love her the more. Are you stuck in a small space on campus (or not!) and need some health advice that works? Get everything you need from ClaireThe Slender Student.


The Wellness Warrior by Jess Ainscough

The creator of The Wellness Warrior, Jess Ainscough uses her online platform to share her story of being diagnosed with a terminal cancer and empowering herself to do everything she can to thrive despite it. Her daily posts on courage, kindness, self-respect and the importance of nourishing our bodies really helps to direct me back to my core on a regular basis. With every post, Jess demonstrates mindfulness in a whole other sphere.  She motivates me to remain conscious of my body as God's temple, His dwelling place here on earth. Want to heal your body from stress and disease? Then, make an appointment and sit a while with Jess.

These are only a few of the blogs I love. Check out a few others below.

Have you read any of these lovely ladies’ work before? Do you have any more you’d like to share? And while you’re here, have you signed up to be a part of the Sisterbration tribe yet? If not, head over to the side bar and get on my list! 

Dr. Kim

Dr. Kimberly S. Clay, aka Dr. Kim, is Executive Director and founder of Dallas-based charity, Play Like A Girl!®. On a mission to inspire women and girls across the globe to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle, Dr. Kim has set out to finally triumph in her own struggle with obesity by creating what she calls her "best me yet" in 2014-15. Sisterbration is the space she has dedicated to documenting the journey and her musings.

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