5 Steps to Sisterhood

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Our focus at Sisterbration.com is to promote self-love and sisterhood among women from all backgrounds and in all seasons of life who love, support and celebrate each other. In this effort, I offer the following five key steps to sisterhood.

Step #1: Pick your sister.

Perhaps she's a family member who's been struggling with illness or a personal setback. Perhaps she's a friend who's overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of life. Perhaps she's a colleague whom you know has been having a tough time. When we open our eyes, we can see people all around us who just need a dash of light to cheer them up and help them through.

Step #2: Come up with a random act of sisterly kindness to brighten her day.

+ Next time you make dinner, make twice as much and freeze the extras. Drop it by your friend's house, neatly labeled with how to prepare it and what to serve it with. BOOM - Random act of sisterhood, right there!

+ Write a letter to a child whose mom may have recently divorced and could use some extra attention. Kids love getting mail. Plus, your sister-in-law would probably appreciate you showing her children some love during this tough time.

+ Send flowers to a sorority sister with whom you've not spoken in several years. Who doesn't love fresh flowers?!? And, what better way to say 'I miss you.' or 'I remember when...'.

+ Share your last good read with a woman you'd like to get to know better. Leave a few sticky notes on pages that left an impact for you.

The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination.

Step #3: Put your plan into action.

You know what they say -- the road to hell is paved with good intentions! It's important to actually put your beautiful, wholehearted idea into action and share your light. It's all too easy to let our brilliant plans languish because we've got too much to do and not enough time to do it.

But not this time!

Make the decision to put your plan into action, then go do it. It's that simple.

Step #4: Feel good. Really good.

Helping other people makes them feel good, and it makes us feel great. Revel in the feeling!

Step #5: Repeat!

Sisterhood is an ongoing action. Look for opportunities to light others up and shine your light.

Step up, be kind, make it happen.

Share your random act of sisterly kindness below! We'd love to hear how you're brightening hearts and lightening loads! Let the Sisterbration begin!

Dr. Kim

Dr. Kimberly S. Clay, aka Dr. Kim, is Executive Director and founder of Dallas-based charity, Play Like A Girl!®. On a mission to inspire women and girls across the globe to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle, Dr. Kim has set out to finally triumph in her own struggle with obesity by creating what she calls her "best me yet" in 2014-15. Sisterbration is the space she has dedicated to documenting the journey and her musings.

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