3 Steps to a Clear Mind

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What would happen if you placed water in a bottle and added dirt with rocks and other earthly objects? This is not a trick question, I promise. Yes! You would get dirty, filthy water.

But, what happens if the bottle is left sitting for several days? The water would eventually settle from the dirt which will go to its natural form settled below.

Consider this exercise in relation to our minds. Sometimes we need to sit still and allow the mind to be without disturbance, without influence, and without judgment (the dirty stuff). Allow the mind to rise like the water amidst dirt and grime and move with the waves of life as it was designed to do.

Women and men alike enjoy the benefits of this busy world filled with pains and pressures coming from all directions. Women, in particular, take pleasure in unbelievably negative mental games that leave us beat down and unable to focus on what matters.

Mental overload is not good. It can be overwhelming and can prevent us from being present in our own lives.

If we are to free ourselves from the dirty spaces of blame, doubt and self-sabotage, we must not fear the peaceful quiet of a clear mind. Sitting still for a moment and allowing the dirt in your mind to settle into its natural form can help you see clearer and think clearer.

The following are 3 steps to freeing yourself and clearing your mind:

  1. Create A Space for Quiet. Choose a place in your home, a nearby park or anywhere you can be free of distractions including people, pets and social media. Whether it's under a tree outside, next to a body of water or in an oversized closet like my quiet place, use this space to connect with you and disconnect from all else.
  2. Relax Your Body. When the body is relaxed it aids a relaxed mind and helps to calm racing thoughts. From yoga to deep breathing, there are several different ways to relax your body. Whatever you try from drinking your favorite herbal tea to taking a nap or going out for a run/walk, take at least 15 minutes each day to rid yourself of all negativity and invite in peace and calm to your body.
  3. Be Still. Sit still in silence for 20 minutes. Yeah, I know you could be doing tons else with those 20 minutes but you deserve some time too! Focus on your breathing and only your breathing, not your thoughts. The act of counting will help you achieve this: Every time you breathe out, count it as one. If a thought comes into your head, acknowledge it and let it pass. You will soon realize that every time that you count, you're getting closer to entering a state of complete calm. When you arrive at that place, simply listen to what your spirit is saying to you.

If you follow these simple steps you can easily clear your mind from negativity but you have to do it with an open heart and a spirit filled with hope for something better.

Have you tried these 3 steps to a clear mind? Let us know the results. Post your comments in the box below.

About the Author
LaKendra Anderson has spent her life helping girls, women and their families to live their best lives. A life coach and nonprofit leader, LaKendra is known best for her work through HYPE Kidz Nation, Inc. where she engages girls in the sport of step as a pathway to health and success. Despite wearing many different hats in her own life, LaKendra remains true to her message about quiet and stillness. To achieve this for herself, she enjoys spending time in deep contemplation as well as sharing quality moments with her new husband whom she nicknamed “Mac Dreamy.” 
Dr. Kim

Dr. Kimberly S. Clay, aka Dr. Kim, is Executive Director and founder of Dallas-based charity, Play Like A Girl!®. On a mission to inspire women and girls across the globe to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle, Dr. Kim has set out to finally triumph in her own struggle with obesity by creating what she calls her "best me yet" in 2014-15. Sisterbration is the space she has dedicated to documenting the journey and her musings.


  1. sray63

    16 May, 2014 at 11:43 pm

    This is so inspiring and powerful LaKendra. I believe that relaxing the mind is a great thing. Awesome!!

  2. Yolanda Banks

    15 May, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    What a great read. This is truly an easy life-changing three-step process that I will be doing daily from now on. Just doing these three simple steps… I know it’s going to help me tremendously. I just feel like this will ease or help me get rid of the anxiety I sometimes have. So, thank you LaKendra for sharing one of your many, many great tips. Love you, SistaGirl!!! 🙂

    • LaKendra Anderson

      4 June, 2014 at 12:58 pm

      Yolanda, I too, use to suffer from anxiety tension. One great thing about step 1: Creating a Space – is it not only helps you to create a space in your home but also your mind. I love using my patio for my stillness practice because it becomes my default mental escape during the day in my mind. When I’m feeling anxious and can’t get to my space that I created, my mind easily can go to the patio where it practices sitting still – it’s truly a place of tranquility. That’s why creating a space can be so therapeutic. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

  3. Shawn Floyd

    15 May, 2014 at 4:00 pm

    I really enjoyed this heartfelt blog post by LaKendra, who is dedicated and faithful to many in our local community. She has made unlimited sacrifices for children and families and we applaud her for a job well done. Now we know how she is able to deal with so many multiple personalities. Job well done thy good and faithful servant. Thanks for such an insightful blog.

  4. Dr. Bo

    15 May, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    A wonderful process.. Mental overloading is never good. Steps are simple and conveniently can be done anywhere!!

  5. Marisa Readus

    15 May, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    Lakendra is such a powerful inspiration and has a wonderful way with words!! Great blog, keep doing great things!! You are an inspiration to young adults, friends, and business owners.

  6. Greg Thomas

    15 May, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    The water bottle analogy is so fitting. Excellent piece with simple time tested truths. A cluttered mind produces a lack of production and peace.

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