About Sisterbration


We have babies, raise families, and nurture relationships. We kill it in the board room, we come up with new ideas, we express ourselves creatively. We juggle and we balance and we multi-task like champions. We talk and we listen and we feel (OH how we feel!).

Whatever particular brand of womanhood you’re embracing – whether it’s the stay-at-home momma or the busy professional or anything in between – know that you are absolutely, 100 percent changing the world. One day, one moment – sometimes simply one dirty diaper – at a time.


We struggle with creating time and space for ourselves. With standing up for ourselves. With speaking our truth and setting our boundaries. There can be a whole host of identity issues – juggling our different roles, reconciling these different aspects of ourselves, finding our voice.

And sometimes we struggle to treat ourselves with the love and respect we deserve.


It’s time for a paradigm shift. It’s time to treat our bodies with the full-blown respect they deserve. It’s time to embrace the healthy habits that will allow us to live our best lives.



Sisterbration is about women coming together to empower each other. To support and nurture and boost each other up.


Being your whole self – warts, worries and all. And knowing that not only is that enough, but it’s pretty damn amazing.

When women create the space to support each other, the results are truly astonishing. Exponential, even. Our greatest power is in building each other up and recognizing the light that resides within each and every one of us.

Sisterbration is when a beloved female friend rocks up on your door step – bearing a casserole, a bottle of wine and a knowing smile – just when you need her the most.

Sisterbration is when you finally share that deep, dark secret with the women in your life, only to find that they completely understand and you’re not the only one.

Sisterbration is mothers, daughters, aunts and grandmas. It’s neighbors, it’s colleagues, it’s that woman down the road with whom you always share a smile.

It’s partners in crime and laughter in spades. It’s unwavering support and the blessed, sacred knowledge that you are not alone.


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