Dr. Kim's signature Sisterbration Mastermind program is coming soon! Kicking off with a three-day weekend retreat followed by three months of life-changing mastermind workshops, this one-of-a-kind program will help you refocus and reset your intentions for the year ahead.

This is an empowerment program for women who are serious about creating change. If you're tired of floundering through life without achieving your dreams, if you're struggling to step up into the life you KNOW is possible, if you just need some expert guidance – and the support of a thriving tribe of like-minded women – the Mastermind program is for you.

This program harnesses all the best elements of Sisterbration – authenticity, wholeheartedness, generosity of spirit – into one exclusive, action-oriented community. It's about transformation at a soul-deep level. It's about empowering yourself to become the leading lady of your own life. It's about doing the inner work necessary to create a real shift in your life, a shift that's sustainable, transformative and inspiring to those around you.

It's a game-changer!



The three-day spring cleanse detox and retreat is our kick-off point for a three-month mastermind of diving deep, doing the inner work, and creating massive change. This is a group for women who started 2014 on a high, lost their spark somewhere in the first quarter and need to refocus and reset their intentions for the rest of the year.

Under the expert eye and 1:1 attention of Dr. Kim, this group is going to kick big goals in 2014 – supporting each other, holding each other accountable and sharing every step of the journey.




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