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That’s Dr. Kim when she takes the stage.

As the founder and Executive Director of Play Like A Girl!, Dr. Kim has spoken to audiences across the world, teaching girls and women the importance of healthy eating, sport and play. She inspires them to make change and equips them with the tools to do so. Moves them to action and enhances their understanding. Rekindles their inner glow and shares her own journey.

With a PhD in health education and behavioral science, and Master’s degrees in social work and community health, Dr. Kim is uniquely suited as an engaging expert with from-the-trenches experience. She is the perfect person to motivate audiences with her potent mix of super-charged strategies and been-there-done-that wisdom.

Dr. Kim speaks on a range of heart-fueled topics – health, wellness, self-care, mindset, inspiration, motivation, empowerment and creating change (even, starting a nonprofit or entrepreneurial endeavors). Her presentations can be tailored to your organization’s particular needs, and are always delivered with her trademark mix of straight-shooting truths and wholehearted compassion.

If you’d like to book Dr. Kim for your next event, please drop us a line at (Just a heads up: Dr. Kim’s schedule fills up very fast, so be sure to act quickly and do give her at least 30 days to review, discuss and finalize before your date!).

Speaking is Dr. Kim's profession. However, she certainly appreciates that not everyone can afford professional speakers. Her fee can be negotiated to suit budgets if required (pending availability).